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Meet your new Peer in medical writing

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Deliver higher quality medical and regulatory writing up to 90% faster with the power of Gen AI

It's time for a change

Medical writing is one of the most overburdened and overlooked functions in the landscape of clinical development. Current solutions like outsourcing, pieced-together tech, or inadequate automation. 

With Peer, medical writers now have a partner to not only alleviate manual workload, but intelligently complete tasks like data ingestion, categorization, drafting, and QCing all in a fraction of the time leaving room and headspace for strategy and storytelling for more thoughtful submissions.

Lightening fast first drafts

Peer uses precision crafted LLMs to ingest data and categorize data, automate first draft documents, and QC based on industry and customer specific rules all in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. 

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Better quality every time 

Unlike with other AI products, Peer’s validated technology ensures document quality, consistency, and accuracy across a broad range of document types. Standardized outputs and re-usable templates uphold rigorous quality benchmarks while adhering to regulatory requirements.

The perfect partner

Take efficiency into your own hands with Peer, empowering medical writers by minimizing manual tasks and freeing up time for strategic planning, storytelling, and innovation, accelerating the path to life saving treatments.

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Meet your Peer

Meet your Peer in medical and regulatory writing and harness the power of GenAI. Book a demo and see how Peer can transform the way you work.

We'll be in touch soon!

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